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specification: 2 piece #001 Pink


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product name: Christian Dior Addict Lip Maximizer & Lip Glow Duo Set (2piece) (#001 Pink) item no.: 108926815001 brand: Christian Dior
function: category: Lipstick product size: 2 piece
country of origin: France



Christian Dior Addict Lip Maximizer & Lip Glow Duo Set (2PCS), contains:

Christian Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Collagen Active Lip-Gloss (#001Pink) (6ml)
To obtain a full luster smile in just a moment! To create a total new look which is irresistible! With expert formula, rich in collagen and hyaluronic acid ingredients, moisturize the lips, while at the same time, it has a smoothing filling effect, so that the lip skin will be full and attractive all day long!

Product Feature:
 #001 Pink is a low-key color. After painting this shade on your lips, it feels just like nude make-up finish. It is delicate and sweet. It makes people feel refreshed, lovely and not too tricky, really want to kiss it!
 The attached sponge applicator is very easy to use and ensures a rich and full lip feel.
 With aromas of vanilla mint, it feels fresh and charming and the air is full of charm that makes people very hard to resist!

Christian Dior Dior Lip Glow (#001Pink) (3.5g)
Make-up tips from the professional make-up artist at the backstage! The popular Dior must-have make-up product! The new matte and twinkle color, together with the smooth texture of the lip balm, gives it a natural tone that matches the skin tone. The soft focus effect makes the lips beautifully feminine, while providing moisturizing and nourishing effects. It also gives beautiful skin while protecting the skin. It is also Dior's first tailor-made “color-changing” lipstick, allowing you to personalize your lips and look charming!

Product Feature:
 #001 Pink is a pale pink tone that is natural and charming. It is a jelly-like lipstick core with a pale pink translucent case, full of soft and elegant atmosphere that makes people love it very much.
 Color Reviver technology makes the lip water and active ingredients activate the chemical reaction, release of different soft and bright lip colors, so that the natural color of the lips bloom naturally and is very rich!
 The high-concentration mango oil is blended in the ingredients to provide a full day of hydrating care to the lips.

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how to use

Christian Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Collagen Active Lip-Gloss (#001Pink) It can be used as make-up base to enhance smoothness and plumpness of the lips, or used after lipstick to enhance fullness and luster. Christian Dior Dior Lip Glow (#001Pink) Can be used alone or after applying lipstick. With a natural glow alone, it can be used as a lip balm or make-up base; applying lip balm can change the effect of lip make-up, or with the use of Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Collagen Active Lip-Gloss to effectively enhance the glossy feeling of the lips.


Christian Dior Dior Lip Glow (#001Pink)  Wild Mango and Luffa Cylindrica: Moisturize the lips

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