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item no.: 108669407001
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specification: 30 ml
functions:BrighteningAll Skin TypeWhiteningConcealingOil ControlNourishingPore MinimizingSoothing


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product name: Cyber Colors Luminous Pearly Primer (30ml) item no.: 108669407001 brand: Cyber Colors
function: BrighteningAll Skin TypeWhiteningConcealingOil ControlNourishingPore MinimizingSoothing category: Base Lotion product size: 30 ml
country of origin: Korea



Cyber Colors Luminous Pearly Primer (30ml)
This Luminous Pearly Primer helps to create a translucent three-dimensional makeup. It deals with skin problems of large pores, skin dryness, uneven texture that affect the foundation application with its light, moistful and creamy texture. It contains shining factor, the pinkish purple and light blue fine particles, to adjust the skin tone, instantly brighten up the dull and lackluster complexion, imparts a luminous, healthy glow for skin, at the same time, makes the foundation and makeup more adhesive to your skin. Besides, it does not contain any preservatives or talcum powder, will not cause irritation to skin.

Product features:
 Modified skin tone: It ensures instant optimal correction of the complexion, improve skin problems including dryness, fine lines, excess oil, large pores and uneven texture, and leaves the skin more smooth and beautiful.
 Long-Lasting: The primer helps makeup to last better and longer, and create a smooth, natural and flawless makeup effortlessly.
 Moisturizing protection: Contains silkworm extract and black pearl, for the skin replenishment and improve fine lines, dry lines, also makes your skin more radiant.

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how to use

Used as a moisturizer or primer. After your skincare routine, take an appropriate amount and apply with your fingertips or brush to the whole face.


 Silkworm extract: Moist the skin and improve fine lines, dry lines.  Black pearl: To enhance and strengthen the skin from inside to outside, protect it from the harmful and polluted environment.

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