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item no.: 108646902002
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functions:WhiteningBrighteningAnti-oxidizingMicro ElectricityAnti-wrinkle


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product name: MVSK 24K Gold Coated Ion Beautifier item no.: 108646902002 brand: MVSK
function: WhiteningBrighteningAnti-oxidizingMicro ElectricityAnti-wrinkle category: Beauty Devices



The gentle stimulation provided by MVSK®24K Gold Coated Ion Beautifier can effectively promote the regeneration of skin. A right amount of stimulation is the foundation of skin beauty. It is the most effective way to improve your skin because it can restore and balance one’s physiological function.

The micro vibration (operates at 6,000 times per minute) provided by MVSK®24K Gold Coated Ion Beautifier helps maintaining beautiful skin. Massage with it daily for 2-3 minutes to obtain dual results: relaxation and care for your skin. It can even be used during a bath. To obtain even better skincare results, apply on various acupuncture points during massage.

24K Gold Plated T-shaped Head
Factors such as pressure or aging could lead to irregular change in the natural electric current in body. That is the crucial cause of aging signs such as dark spots and skin loosening. The wavelength of gold ion is identical to that of the natural current of human body; a gentle slide on the skin using the device can therefore regulate the skin’s bioelectricity and restore its elasticity and moisture.

Major Effects
Effect 1: Detoxifying Lymphatic System
Effect 2: Firming and Lifting
Effect 3: Wrinkle Reduction
Effect 4: Slimming Face and Refining Facial Contour
Effect 5: Whitening and Rejuvenating Skin
Effect 6: Anti-aging and Reviving
Effect 7: Eliminating Under-eye Bags and Dark Circles

how to use

1. Holding the Bar Take the bar out from storage. Twist the cap at the end to turn it on. Hold onto the lower part of the bar (approx. 1/3 of the full length). Adjust the pressure applied during massage for best comfort. 2. Applying on Face Apply the T-shaped head of the bar on face after facial cleansing. Slide slowly from bottom upwards and from inside out. Massage with the tips of the T-shaped head when reaching hard-to-reach areas such as nasal grooves. 3. Key Points Apply the round tips of the T-shaped head on the areas you want to improve. Gently press and massage for 2-3 seconds at each location. 4. Waterproof Design Its waterproof design allows you to enjoy beauty treatment while having a bath. Turning On: Twist the cap at the end counterclockwise to turn on. Turning Off: Twist the cap clockwise to turn off.


Model Number: CLS-T-140 Rated Voltage: DDC1.5V (AA battery) Micro Vibration Frequency: Approx. 6,000 times/min Dimensions: Main body: 140mm X 16mm; T-shaped head 35mm X 6mm Product Weight: Approx. 80g (with battery); one AA battery is included Material: Brass, aluminum (surface of the T-shaped head is specially plated with 24K gold)