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item no.: 108638913174
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specification: 4 g 03 PEACHY GARDEN
functions:GreyDark BrownPinkAll Skin Type


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product name: Cyber Colors Blossom Eyeshadow Palette (4g) (03 PEACHY GARDEN) item no.: 108638913174 brand: Cyber Colors
function: GreyDark BrownPinkAll Skin Type category: Multi-color Eyeshadow product size: 4 g
country of origin: Japan



CYBER COLORS Blossom Eyeshadow Palette (03 PEACHY GARDEN) (4g)
Thin, smooth, just a thin layer already brings you clear and rich colour eyes, it is easy to create the three-dimensional eye makeup which is charming as flowers bloom. Besides, brand new platinum light powder and smooth glossy powder are added, at any time to show the luster as crystal. A palette with four colours, applicable for different occasions and women with different skin tones, from shallow to deep colours, you can do single smear but also can create a glossy layer eye makeup!

Product Features:
 High pigmentation: Easy to create a charming three-dimensional eye makeup, different level of glossy is shown from different angles.
 Brand new powder added: Platinum light powder and smooth glossy powder allows you to show crystal-like bright eyes!
 A case of four colours: Only one case will be able to shape the mono colour or from shallow to deep gradient layer eye makeup, suitable for any skin tone, any occasion.

* We make reasonable efforts to accurately display the colours of the products. However, the actual colour you see will depend on your computer system and monitor (or screen), and we cannot guarantee that your computer monitor will accurately display such colours.

how to use

Apply the light eye shadow to the eye cover, then apply the main colour along the eyelid to the fold, apply the middle colour tone to the center of the eyelid. Finally, sweep the dark eye shadow at the end of the eye, draw the eye line and put on the mascara; hence, make up is done.

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