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specification: 1 piece
functions:Anti-wrinkleBrighteningMicro Electricity


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product name: Medicox MF100 Mini Beautician (1piece) item no.: 107234102001 brand: Medicox
function: Anti-wrinkleBrighteningMicro Electricity category: Beauty Devices product size: 1 piece



MF100 Mini Beautician

Beauty Becomes Reachable

MF100 seamlessly combines 5 elite and powerful skincare technologies in just one machine. With 2 extraordinary treatment effects in 3 minutes, your skin becomes thoroughly cleansed, supple and alive! For this reason, MF100 Mini Beautician has been praised as a “Portable Mini Beautician”.

This high performance and light-weight MF100 Mini Beautician, focusing on particular areas on eyes zone, face and neck: strengthens your skin renewal process, removes dirt and dead coenocytes, magnifies skin’s absorption of nutrients, awakens young skin texture, simultaneously reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigments and all signs of aging, gives your skin a supreme facial treatment at any moment.

In just 3 minutes, manifest an incredible skin care result!


* Detoxification: Thoroughly dissolve and remove dirt, sebum and toxin, reduce pore size

* Nutrients Infusion: Enhance nutrients absorption, improve efficacy of beauty products

* Relief: Fades dark circles and eyes bag, relieve pressure

* Wrinkle Removal: Plump skin and diminish wrinkles on face, neck and around eye zone

* Skin Refining: Lift sagging skin and reduce sign of aging, improve facial contour

* Rejuvenation: Improve lymphatic and blood circulation, attain youthful complexion

how to use

Special Notice:

During Use:
1.) Prepare one battery (AA[Hong Kong & International]/No.5[China]/No.3[Taiwan]) for normal operation.
2.) Each battery could use 500times treatment (3mins each), remove battery after use.
3.) Ensure the battery cap is closed tightly and align with the mark (to become a horizontal line) on the machine body.
4.) Do keep in touch with the back plate normal sonic vibration.
5.) Do keep the skin moist for normal sonic vibration.
6.) Each treatment will last for 3 minutes and will switch off automatically.