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functions:Anti-water RetenionAnti-water RetenionDetoxWaistWomen’s CareDetoxMetabolismBlocking AbsorptionMetabolism


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product name: Classic Black Oolong Classic Black Oolong Tea (16piece) item no.: 105247302001 brand: Classic Black Oolong
function: Anti-water RetenionAnti-water RetenionDetoxWaistWomen’s CareDetoxMetabolismBlocking AbsorptionMetabolism category: Natural Herbal Tea product size: 16 piece



Classic Black Oolong Tea 3X fat burning effect

3X Fat burning effect

Classic Black Oolong is made from supreme Oolong Tea which is the origin of Fukien, under the special extraction technology, the active slimming ingredient “Oolong Polyphenol” is increased by 100% to 149mg per serving. Not only retain the natural flavor, the fat burning effect is also 3X enhanced. Just keep drinking “Classic Black Oolong” as your daily habit and you will achieve a good body shape easily.

The blackest & most effective slimming team!

The black color is come from “Oolong Polyphenol” – the active slimming ingredient, the darker it is, the stronger slimming effect it has. Accordingly to 《日本藥理と治療》 “Oolong Polyphenol” can reduce dietary fat absorption by 20%, at the same time, facilitate fat burning. “Classic Black Oolong” is tested with 3X stronger slimming effect!

3X stronger effect! 3X faster result!

According to scientific study, a glass of 300cc “Classic Black Oolong” burns 40kcal, which equal to 15 minutes fast walking and going up & down stair for 10 minutes. “Classic Black Oolong” with 3X stronger effect, and 3X faster result!

5 hrs long lasting effect!

After drinking a glass of 300cc “Classic Black Oolong”, the slimming effect will last for 5 hrs! The Japanese OL used to drink “Classic Black Oolong” accompany with each main meal. For housewife, they used to brew a big bottle for the whole family!

Most famous slimming tea!

All people-around are drinking “Classic Black Oolong” for slimming, they including teachers, OL, nurse, nutritionist, and housewife….! How about you?

  • Facilitate fat burning 3X faster

  • Reduce 20% fat absorption

  • 0 kcal,No diarrhoea

  • 100% natural & no side effect

how to use

Use one tea bag, pour freshly boiled water and allow brewing for 1-2 minutes. For cold drink, just put in refrigerator for cooling!


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