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product name: Lam Kam Sang Breslin (120piece) item no.: 103734803001 brand: Lam Kam Sang
function: Women’s Care category: Traditional Chinese Supplement product size: 120 piece



The Lam Kam Sang Breslin based on the valuable secret recipe of Dr. Lam Kam Sang, president of the Lam Kam Sang Medical Research Institute is extracted and refined from precious Chinese traditional medicinal herbs with modern means.

The Lam Kam Sang Breslin has the special effects of improving the physical function of the human body, adjusting internal secretion, promoting metabolism of the breast tissues , effectively decomposing and curing benign tumour lumps in breasts. Except the abnormally huge and the calcified ones, breast lumps will quickly soften and totally disappear. According to over many thousand cases of benign lumps in clinical practice, 100% of the patients feel their breast lumps obviously become smaller after taking the medicine for 10 to 20 days. Over 90% of the patients are completely cured in 30 to 90 day’s of treatment, luckily avoiding the pain of surgery and the everlasting scars and the possibility of spreading relapse. The unique efficacy of the Lam Kam Sang Breslin is incomparable among all the drugs or therapies of the present-day medicine.

The Lam Kam Sang Breslin also has good curative effects on the vavious sequelae of breasts augmentation plastic surgery. It is warm and mild in nature and has no side effects. It is suitable for people of different constitution, be it strong or delicate , to take the medicine. Taking the medicine for 30days immediately after the surgical operation can prevent the sequelae from recurring.

Benign lumps in breasts, including fibrous cyst in breasts, mastofibroma, papillary duct tumours, other benign tumours and recurrence of breast lumps shortly after surgical removal. Specially effective for swelling pain in breasts and even temporary hard lumps before menstruation.
Treat and prevent the sequelae of breast augmentation plastic surgery, such as deep tissue zaranthan and local lumps in breasts.


Case 1:

Ms Chen, 32 years old,Case No:C-12XX. In both her breasts appeared large and small lumps ranging from 1.2cm to 3.5cm. Pressure pain was felt and a yellowish or blood fluid appeared at the nipples. This condition stemmed from taking lactagogue pills of the western medicine after she gave birth to her second child five years ago. Hospitals diagnosed it as multiple chronic galactocele complicated with papilloma. She received treatment in many hospitals but had no improvement. After taking Breslin® for 30 days, the symptoms were largely cured. After another 30 days of Breslin® treatment, all the symptoms including the lumps completely disappeared. In the follow-up, no relapse has been found so far.

Case 2:

Ms Cxx, 30 years old,C-15xx. Two years ago she received an operation in a hospital to remove benign lumps in her breasts, but suffered from relapse just six months later. Clinical examination showed a 6×3.5 cm lump in the upper, outer part of the left breast, which was not hard, had not clear edge but could be moved when pushed. The inner part of the left breast, the inner, outer and upper parts of the right breasts all had small lumps with similar nature. Impression: benign breast lumps. Breslin® was prescribed, and 10 days later the patient felt that the lumps obviously shrank and became softened. After 90 days of Breslin® treatment, all the symptoms completely disappeared. Another 10 days of treatment was given to enhance the beneficial effects and no relapse has been found to date.

how to use

Administration: 6 capsules each time, 3times daily, to be taken with water after meals.
Ointment for external use: Apply the ointment to the affected area for 8-10 hours before bed time. Cover the part with gauze and fasten the gauze with adhesive plaster. Take it off and clean the part next morning. If the affected part turns sensitive, the time of application can be shortened. The ointment is no necessary for patients who have temporary hard lumps in breasts before menstruation.

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