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product name: Kobps Ultrasonic Beauty & Health Instrument (1piece) item no.: 103343702001 brand: Kobps
function: Anti-wrinkleUltresoundWhitening category: Beauty Devices product size: 1 piece



Kobps Ultrasonic Beauty & Health Instrument is equipped with Continuous wave and Pulse wave, which allow skin to intensively absorption the beauty and slimming products.

  • Skin beauty:
    1. Removing wrinkles

      When the elastic protein of your skin becomes aged, skin loses its tender and elasticity. The appearance of roughness, fine lines and wrinkles becomes more visible. Ultrasonic waves works to rearrange skin cell and promote circulation and metabolism. Skin cells are retained to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
    2. removing black spots

      Sunlight arises formation of melanin. When melanin accumulates, black spots and wrinkles become noticeable. Ultrasonic waves work to destroy, bleach and pass melanin through lymphatic vessels. Skin looks white and spot-free.
    3. removing acne

      Excessive secretion of sebum blocks pores. If it is infected by bacteria, acne is developed. Ultrasonic waves help remove sebum and impurities in pores and at the same suppress bacteria.

  • Body Slimming:

    The vibration of ultrasonic waves works to raise the temperature of fat. Fat is decomposed, dissolved and burnt into thermal energy for excretion pout of body. It is effective to parts prone to fat or lack of exercise, such as abdomen, hips, thighs, calves, chin etc. Result is obvious with daily 15 minutes massage for 2 months.

    Power: 110v~220v (auto adjust)
    Kobps Ultrasonic Beauty & Health Instrument is light and comes with an silver cosmetic bag for easy carrying.

    *Caution: Please kindly read the instruction booklet carefully before use! (Instruction booklet is written in Simplified Chinese and English)

how to use

【Basic operation】

  1. Press button “ON OFF” button (the black round one) to turn on the massager. The lowest light is on if it is on.
  2. Press button “UP” (the green one) to increase the energy of ultrasonic waves. Press button “DOWN” (the blue one) to decrease the energy of ultrasonic waves. 4 lights are on when high energy mode is on. 3 lights are on when medium energy mode is on. 2 lights are on when light energy mode is on.
  3. Press button “ON OFF” button (the black round one) to turn on the massager after use.

【Skin beauty】- massage cheek, chin or under eye area

  • Clean the part to be massaged before use.
  • Put skin care gel / cream on face.
  • Massage skin with the massager in circular movements.
  • As the subcutaneous tissues are thin, select low or medium energy mode.
  • This instrument can be used 2-3 times per day. Each time should not be over 15 minutes. Please do not use in the same position within 5 hours.

    【Body slimming】- masaage waist hips, thighs and calf.

    1. Put slimming gel/cream on face on the skin.
    2. Massage skin with the massager in forward and backward movements. Stroke 2-3 seconds each time.
    3. As the subcutaneous tissues are thick, select medium or high energy mode.


    1. Turn off after use.
    2. Use tissue or dry towel to clean the applicator after use.
    3. Do not use at bathroom or wet area.
    4. Keep instrument at dry place.