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functions:Anti-water RetenionLymphatic CirculationFirmingDetoxWaistHip


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product name: BSC BSC Reduce Waistline Navel Emplastic - Powerful Version (10piece) item no.: 101808202001 brand: BSC
function: Anti-water RetenionLymphatic CirculationFirmingDetoxWaistHip category: Slimming Patch product size: 10 piece



The product is developed by [BSC] specialists from China and Japan, who are specialized in Chinese medicine and meridians. These specialists have been focusing on the research and development of eternal emplastic. After years of clinical experiments and researches, the specialists have applied the principles of meridians as well as skin permeating "Transdermal" technology in the production of this product using anti-allergic plasters. The product has passed different tests, such as tests for heavy metals, microorganisms and skin allergy reactions. Its skimming effect is also experimentally proven. Applying which on the navel persistently will result in slimming effects including reduction of swells, moisture and fat. The product is especially designed for people who possess extra fat at their waists and hips and those who have complaints like stomach bloating and constipation.

Main Function
Eliminates Fat, Tightens Waist, Tightens the lower part of the body

[BSC] Navel emplastic has many advantages over pills. First, the use of "Transdermal" skin permeating technology in which has enabled a steady release of treatment dosage for as long as 6-12 hours. Therefore, uneven dosage in the body resulted from irregular taking of pills can be avoided. This is especially true when one is required to take a certain dosage 3 or 4 times daily. Other than freeing one from the trouble of taking pills on time, 95% of the ingredients of the emplastic can be absorbed by the body because they need not go through the liver and the digestive system. On the other hand, investigations have showed that the ingredients of certain oral taking substances, after going through the stomach, the liver as well as the digestive system, have only got a successful absorbing rate of 5%.

how to use

  1. Clean the navel area first before using the navel emplastic to ensure better absorption of the formula. If you want to use it together with BSC's "Sure-Slim Navel Oil", apply first the oil on the navel area with circular motion.
  2. Unfold the plastic wrapping before use (step 1). Then, remove the protective membrane on the ointment (step 2). Finally, stick it to the navel with the ointment-filling part directed to it.
  3. If you have a deep navel, apply pressure on top of the emplastic after you stick it to the place so that the ointment can have a better contact with the skin of the navel. Wear it for at least 6-12 hours before ripping it off.
  4. If you want to use it with other BSC's navel emplastics, stick them by the side of the main emplastic. Do not stick too far away but approximately one inch apart.
  • It can enhance the effect if hot up the navel emplastic slightly, recommend use it after dinner or before sleeping, it can more easy to absorb. The standard treatment is 30days, powerful treatment is 60days, you can keep to use it for maintain the effect when complete the full treatment.
  • In order to raise the effect, we recommend the user when use navel emplastic can combine with BSC's "Sure-Slim Navel Oil" , and it is more suitable for sensitive skin. Caution Administration of this product is contraindicated in women during times of menstrual period. An anti-hypersensitivity, waterproof surgery-use adhesive bandage is used as the carrier. People with skin hypersensitivity are recommended to apply a thin layer of moisturising cream on the navel before administration. Begin with a small dosage of 1 application every other day before returning to normal dosage after 5-7 applications when your body has adapted to it. This product is not a therapeutic drug. The efficacy of this product and the progress of treatment and reaction to it in different users depend on the body status and skin absorption conditions of different individuals. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.