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item no.: 108897302002
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specification: 6.5 ml Baby Pink /+ 1℃
functions:NourishingSunscreenAll Skin Type


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product name: FlowFushi Lip38℃ Lip Treatment (6.5ml) (Baby Pink /+ 1℃) item no.: 108897302002 brand: FlowFushi
active from: 2018-02-28 00:00:00 product size: 6.5 ml country of origin: Japan
function: NourishingSunscreenAll Skin Type category: Lip Essence



FLOWFUSHI Lip38℃ Lip Treatment (Baby Pink /+ 1℃) (6.5ml)
FLOWFUSHI indicates that the best temperature of lip is 38 ℃, and the lip will show the most natural "bloody sense of color" at this temperature. So that they developed the Lip38℃ Lip Treatment series base on this concept, and claims that the product could help to adjust the lip temperature. This series set off a boom in Japan when it launched and become very popular over Asia.

Its unique formula enriched with patented natural mineral "End Mineral" to increase blood circulation, hence, improves lips texture and dullness problem. For the world’s first time* , the brand added 30 billion lactic acid bacteria to the lips product , gain to maintain the high moisture level of lip.

This series has launched -2 ℃ to +5 ℃ five options, allows you to choose the suitable color according to your original lip color, to adjust the lip temperature, in a result, exuding a 38 ℃ attractive, glamorous look!

Product Features:
 Gentle and sun protection: No fragrance, no pigment, to prevent sensitive, thin lips become dull due to pigmentation; with SPF20 PA ++ sun protection, to resist UV damage.

 Improve lip color: Adding permeability collagen and other moisturizing ingredients to create juicy, three-dimensional lips, emphasizing that continuous using for 7 days * can literally feel the lip become healthier and softer.

 Baby Pink is + 1℃ color, in crystal pink color, suitable for the slightly pale lip, to create a natural shinny finish.

* Data from FLOWFUSHI’s official website

** We make reasonable efforts to accurately display the colors of the products. However, the actual color you see will depend on your computer system and monitor (or screen), and we cannot guarantee that your computer monitor will accurately display such colors.

how to use

Apply a proper amount of lip gloss to the lips directly.


 End Mineral: Increase blood circulation, improve the lip texture and color tone.  Lactic acid bacteria: Moisturizing

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