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item no.: 108030002003
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specification: 12 g 02 Natural
functions:Oil ControlPore MinimizingSoothingBrighteningNaturalAll Skin TypeConcealingHydrating


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product name: Eleanor Couverture Powder Foundation SPF 20 PA++ (12g) (02 Natural) item no.: 108030002003 brand: Eleanor
active from: 2017-10-25 00:00:00 product size: 12 g country of origin: Japan
function: Oil ControlPore MinimizingSoothingBrighteningNaturalAll Skin TypeConcealingHydrating category: Two Way Cake



Eleanor The Miracle Key Couverture Powder Foundation SPF 20 PA++ (02 Natural) (12g)
This 2-in-1 compact powder foundation glides easily over skin to provide a flawless, natural matte finish. It can be used as a foundation for medium, adjustable coverage or as a finishing powder over foundation for matte and perfect skin. Its texture is refreshing and smooth that able to integrate with skin, to maintain a glossy and bright skin tone, hide large pores and create a long-lasting, satisfied make up.

Product Features:
 Natural concealing: With SPF 20 PA++ sunscreen effect, able to protect the skin from UVA/B, at the same time, reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, pigments and skin dullness, to create a flawlessly vibrant matte complexion.
 Long Lasting: Contains "sebum control powder", inhibit shiny, sweat and sebum, etc., to maintain a long-lasting perfect makeup effect.
 Moisturizing: Contains squalane and other moisturizing ingredients, softening the skin, even the skin tone and enhancing the translucency luster.
 02 Natural is suitable for girls with warm skin tone, to create a vibrant and comfortable makeup.

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how to use

Apply evenly on entire face with a sponge or a brush after using the makeup base or primer. For high coverage, smooth it on with a damp sponge; dust it on with a dry sponge or a powder brush for sheer coverage.


 Boron nitride composition: Concealing, smooth skin.  Squalane ingredients: Moisturizing.  Dimethicone ingredients: To form a thin layer on skin and provide silky, non-sticky finish touch.

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