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product name: SAYA 24 hours Day and Night Slimming Set (2piece) item no.: 103978703001 brand: SAYA
active from: 2009-07-17 00:00:00 product size: 2 piece
function: MetabolismDetoxLymphatic CirculationBlocking AbsorptionLymphatic CirculationBody category: Slimming Food



Saya 24 Hours Day and Night Slimming Set contains Slim in Motionless (90 pills) and SliMUST Gel Patch (10pcs)

Slim in Motionless (90 pills)

Slim In Motionless from SAYA contains high volume of Limited Amino Acid. Slim In Motionless increases BMR and burns calories while sleeping. The outcome is just like after doing exercise. It wakes up the ‘slimming factor’ in the body during sleep, and let you have the charming figure in one night.

Body temperature will be raised and slight sweating caused. It enhances metabolism and erases poison substance in the body. Slim In Motionless from SAYA also helps improve sleep quality, thus refining skin texture.


  • Increases BMR during sleep

  • Re-arranges the scale of LBM, tightens up muscle to achieve slimming function

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Burns fat

  • Reduces accumulation of fat

- SliMUST Gel Patch (10pcs)

SliMUST Gel Patch from SAYA is a new Japanese revolutionary technology combined with the latest extraction methods to stimulate the production of UCP protein that is responsible for the burning of fat cells.

SliMUST accelerates the rate of the breakdown of fats and enhances fat metabolism to achieve excellent slimming results.

SliMUST Gel Patch is absorbed through your skin via extraction technology to vanquish hunger pangs. Use it especially to target problem fatty areas on your body by localizing the acceleration of metabolism in those areas.

Use 1 or 2 pieces at each desired area (like stomach, legs and arms) for 8 hours, fat continues to burn at an accelerated pace for 24 hours. Your appetite will also be suppressed.